Are you a financial specialist or expert?

Financial Partners is always interested in having financial specialists and experts in the allied business areas we operate in, join our ranks.

However, it is important to stress:

  1. We don’t guarantee employment or offer basic salaries. We match individuals and their skill sets with client needs and this can involve a rigorous process as we need to be sure of successful outcomes for our clients.
  2. We prefer enlisting individuals who are attracted to the flexibility offered by our operating model, however they must be able to fully commit to the time constraints of any project. For this reason, we do not contract with people who are between jobs and actually looking for full-time employment elsewhere. We welcome individuals who are involved in their own businesses provided their participation with us is above board, there is no conflict of interest and they have the capacity to meet client requirements.
  3. Individuals must identify with our key principles of being approachable, reliable, affordable and committed to giving personal, professional service of the highest quality.

How to apply:

Those who would like to join our team should send an email to and enter “Application to join team” in the subject line.

Please include a short description of your speciality in the body of your email and what skills you believe you can offer a potential client. Indicate the time you have available to work for Financial Partners. Please attach a copy of your CV and include a telephone number and we will get in touch with you at the earliest opportunity.