“It’s unwise to pay too much but it’s worse to pay too little.” John Ruskin

Affordable and Professional Advice and Services

Our mission is to bring affordable professional advice and services to medium and small sized businesses without sacrificing the quality of the advice given or service rendered.

Sample Rates

  • Where practical, we provide you with quotes for projects. However, in most cases, we charge an hourly rate ranging between R300 per hour and R1000 per hour depending on the nature and intricacy of the work.
  • For example, for a one day a week financial manager handling standard services (attendance at company management meetings may be included) our charge would be R4800 per day. If client commits to a day a week the charge would be R16000 per month (equivalent to R4000 a day). This would include reasonable telephone consulting outside of the paid hours.
  • Depending on circumstances, special pricing may apply and performance incentives may be negotiated.
  • In some cases, with the right incentives in place, we offer a full financial consulting service for as little as R300 per hour, which is the rate we charge selected start-ups that we work with.

The engagement agreement is a one-page document and a non-disclosure agreement can be added if requested by client. Outside of agreed projects, a 24-hour termination applies.

Unless otherwise agreed we invoice weekly and payment is on receipt of invoice.