“Having your company audited is fun! Okay, I’m lying – but it really doesn’t have to be painful.” Dave Phillips.

We are able to perform all types of audits and assurance work in line with International Reporting Standards and all South African statutory and organisational requirements at highly competitive rates. In many cases we are able to pre-quote audit work.

In addition, as part of our service, we assess your organisations readiness for audit prior to commencement in order to avoid unnecessary audit costs accruing. Where required we can assist in your audit preparation at affordable rates.

Taxation Services

“You must pay taxes. But there’s no law that says you’ve got to leave a tip.” Morgan Stanley advertisement

We concentrate on providing affordable tax advice and services for businesses and draw on the expertise of specialists in this area where necessary. We do however also handle personal tax for the executives of client companies.

  • Our Co-ordinating Consultant will meet with you and put forward recommendations.
  • This initial consultation is free and without obligation.
  • Thereafter work is normally charged on a pre-quoted project basis or at a pre-agreed hourly rate see “Our fees”.

Payroll Services

“Outsourcing payroll frees up time and resources to focus on your core business. It reduces costs and risks.” Small business trends magazine

Outsourcing payroll is one of the best decisions a small or medium sized business owner can make. In the current environment: one of the last things a business owner wants to contend with is the growing complexity of SA labour law and tax regulations. Compliance is a worrying issue that you can do without.

  • Why not save the costs of employing payroll trained staff and the cost of up to date systems and software?
  • By working with a specialist you can be sure that your payroll is accurate and that you are compliant with the latest tax laws. Confidentiality is also usually enhanced.
  • We offer a full payroll administration service at highly competitive rates. Let us take the hassle out of your payroll. We can quote you after assessing needs and the number of employees involved. You could be pleasantly surprised by the savings as well.