“If you would be wealthy think of saving as well as getting,” Benjamin Franklin

Employee Benefit Schemes and Investment Advice

We are able to provide independent, affordable financial planning, investment, wealth protection and retirement funding advice including schemes for company executives and their employees. It is important in today’s economic environment for companies to provide cost-effective investment and retirement avenues for employees, whether they are partially company funded or not. For this reason we offer a number of cost effective retirement and umbrella funds in which the impact that cost factors have on returns is minimised. In short, we keep the costs down and work to keep the returns up!

  • We can also assist with key man insurance and other essential wealth protection measures.
  • Investment opportunities are provided via direct investment in equities, unit trusts and various institutional investment solutions.

How do we work?

  • Our specialist consultant visits your business and assesses your needs before putting forward a written proposal.
  • There is no commitment until the proposal is accepted.