“It’s about making sure that the money you invest in your business works hard. You need to know where it goes, what it’s doing and that you’ve got enough of it. Whatever happens you never want to wonder where it went.” Dave Roberts

Business Advice and Financial Management Services

It is possible that your company cannot afford a full-time financial manager and while the company’s  bookkeeping staff may be good at handling the day-to-day work they need guidance and support. Or, perhaps, you need help in unlocking cash and improving cash flows. Maybe you need a skilled person to handle a project. If you need financial help in your business – short or long term – that’s where we come in.

Our objective is to help put your business on a sound financial footing thus relieving management of the financial management burden so that they can concentrate on growing the business. Sometimes this may involve a range of expertise’s that we can provide including business strategy recommendations and funding advice.

Our services include:

  • Assistance with the design of reporting systems and the preparation of budgets and  management accounts.
  • Cash flow management and advice with the objective of strengthening your business.
  • Assistance with preparation for audits and facilitation of audits.
  • An assessment of all the financial aspects of the business with the objective of saving costs and improving efficiencies.
  • Control systems
  • Being part of the company’s management team or executive committee if required.
  • Other financial and tax advice

As a general rule we do not provide bookkeeping services but we can offer advice on how problems can be resolved.

How do we work?

We like to work closely with existing staff and partner with management in solving problems and providing solutions. We prefer to establish long-term relationships with clients and operate as part of the management team. However, we also accept that circumstances may dictate otherwise and short-term projects are welcomed.

  • An hourly rate or daily charge out rate usually applies in which case client may terminate services with 24 hour notice
    (see “Our fees”).
  • However, in the case of project work we try to give clients an estimate of cost before we start the work.
  • In all cases our Co-ordinating Consultant meets with management, assesses the work to be done and puts forward recommendations. This initial consultation is free and without obligation.

We also run some highly affordable courses on various financial aspects for non-financial managers. (See “Our Courses”).