“Starting a small business takes a lot more than a great idea. It takes passion, commitment and a willingness to take on any challenge in pursuit of your dream.” Gail Goodman.

Start-up Support

Many of our consultants are aware of the considerable challenges facing new entrepreneurs, having themselves been involved in start-ups. We are interested in involving ourselves with exciting business ideas that we believe have a reasonable chance of success.

For this reason, we offer some special assistance to start-ups:

  • A fifteen-minute free telephone counselling session with one of our consultants with the objective of establishing the nature and current status of the start-up so that sound advice can be given and, where relevant, recommendations for the next course of action made. This is a no-obligation discussion with the primary objective of assisting the entrepreneur. To arrange a time for this please complete the contact form (see “Contact us”)
  • We offer a specially priced one-day course for new business owners in which we cover in broad terms all aspects of starting and running a new business. (See “Our Courses”)
  • We offer a specially priced individual half day session with a consultant to assist new business owners define their basic objectives and strategies. (See “Our Courses”)
  • In certain cases, we offer ongoing financial consultancy support at special rates to start-ups (See “Our Fees”).